Welcome freshmen – Universidade Aveiro Student Branch

Location​: Universidade Aveiro

Dates​: 19/09/2017

Organising​ ​OU​: Universidade de Aveiro Student Branch with other DETI Associations ( AETTUA, NEEET-AAUAV, NEECT – AAUAV, NEEI -AAUAV, GLUA)

Number​ ​of​ ​participants​: 200

Activity​ ​name​: Acolhimento dos novos alunos do DETI

This activity was organized by all the Department of Electronics Telecommunications and Informatics associations, to welcome the freshman, introduce them to the several associations in the department and our projects, as well as showing them the department and research institutes so they get acquainted with them.

We consider it was a success because we were able to reach the new students so they get engaged with IEEE in earlier stages of their academic life.