Together WiE are Stronger

In celebration of International Women’s Day, which is on 8th of March, we decided to organize a series of speeches where all the guest speakers were women who have been doing an excellent work in Engineering or in a Scientific Area.

We started with Geek Girls of Aveiro that is a women community (essentially girls, but there are also men in this community) that work on behalf of women emerging in engineering and scientific and technological areas. Marta Lino was the speaker for this community; she is one of the ambassadors of Geek Girls in Aveiro. You can find Geek Girls all over Portugal, and their main goal is to show the performance of women, empowering them in these areas that are still mainly dominated by men. They meet monthly in companies which gives them an opportunity to have direct contact with different companies and with the women that work there.
Afterwards Cláudia Silva and Diana Ribeiro spoke on behalf of WiE Portugal, telling us how WiE Portugal arose and how they started working in WiE. They also showed what were the projects that WiE Portugal organized and what were the projects they have planned for this year (2019).
After that, it was time for Professor Susana Sargento; she is a full professor, researcher and co-founder of Veniam, which means she is handful. She started by telling us about her academic life, why she choosed engineering, and her professional life, what she has done so far, and the projects she is in. She also told us a bit about her personal life, and how she has been able to reconcile everything.
We had a small coffee-break, where everyone was able to do a little networking with the guests, which promoted casual talks.
We ended the event with a PhD student, Carolina Gouveia, of Engenharia Eletrónica e Telecomunicações of Aveiro University, that spoke in a very informal and casual way, about her academic journey and about her two awards for her masters degree dissertation “Bio-Radar” and now her PhD thesis. She also take a little about of her experience has a PhD student, and her experience has an engineering student, and in a very casual way, about her personal experience.

In retrospective, we had a very positive experience organising and being a part of this event, it had a good adherence from the academic community. And it is with great enthusiasm and pride/honour that we praise and empower women.