On the 9th of March 2019 (Saturday) the activity began at around 2pm, the participants checked-in from 2pm to 3pm. After the check-in the participants had some time to set up their bags, get to know the place and ultimately were given a talk on how to give a pitch, this was especially useful because they one of the criteria for selecting the winners was the pitch they were presenting. At 4pm the 24 hour marathon began, which ended at 4pm on Sunday (10 March), after this, the participants had a 30 minute break so they could rest and prepare their pitches. To end the competition every team gave their pitch and the competition ended at about 6pm.
On the 11th of March (Monday) there was a company fair, which had 6 relevant companies in the field, this fair happened at DETI and only ended at ~2pm. To end the event we had an ending
ceremony and the winner announcement which happened at 4pm, here we thanked all the participants and companies present and gave out the prizes.
The event also had a relaxation zone with bean bags, computers and a playstation so the participants could relax a bit, there was also a sleeping zone for people to take some well needed naps.