IEEE UP Student Branch TISP Event

Location: Vila D’Este and Amarante High Schools

Date: 17th and 30th of March 2017

Organization: IEEE UP Student Branch

Number of participants: NA

Name of event: TISP

On the 17th and 30th of March, IEEE UP Student Branch organized the second edition of TISP, Teacher in Service Program. This time the schools who requested our assistance were in Vila D’Este and Amarante.

The main reason to put together these events were to give high school students valuable and real opinions about the university lifestyle and what choices were available at FEUP for those who wanted to embroil down the engineering path.

Our members also had time to answer numerous questions, some regarding the advantages and difficulties of engineering courses, others about the type of peoples they would encounter, others about what off-school Student Activities were available to them, like the IEEE, and others how fun are the parties on a university level.

After all done, the teachers present thanked our members for the hard work in coming all the way from Porto and our members said they had fun.