IEEE UP Student Branch nodeMCU Event

Location: FEUP

Date: February 20th 2017

Organization: IEEE UP Student Branch

Number of participants: NA

Name of event: IEEE nodeMCU

On the 20th of February, IEEE UP Student Branch organized a workshop for those who wanted to learn about nodeMCU, an open source IoT platform which includes firmware which runs on the ESP8266.

The room was filled to the brim, due to the growing interest on what the Internet of Things is capable of and the possibility to create “connected” projects through it. The five members who were giving the workshop, despite the hard work, made sure to answer any question and satisfy any curiosity the participants had, while also making sure to proceed at a slow but information packed pace.

The participants, which came from a variety of backgrounds, enjoyed the workshop, with many leaving with a grown interest, as per the objective.

In the end, everyone there was given the nodeMCU pack they worked with throughout the session, to keep on learning and starting making projects as soon as they got home.