IEEE UP Student Branch Java Workshop

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Location: FEUP

Date: 16th December 2016

Organization: IEEE UP Student Branch

Number of participants: NA

Name of event: Java Workshop

The Introduction to Java workshop that took place on the 16th of November, organized and taught by João Mota with the assistance of Filipe Moreira and Ricardo Cerqueira, served as an introduction to the abundantly used programming language. The room was filled up to capacity with participants, who seemed to be able to grasp the material with relative ease, although with some difficulty in participating in the discussions brought about by João. The mostly theoretical nature of the workshop contributed to a serious atmosphere where most participants were intent on listening rather than experimenting with their own computers, which might have been the cause of the slight difficulties in the face of the exercise proposed at the end of the workshop. All in all, most participants left the workshop knowing at least the very basics of the Java programming language, and our own “teachers” knew just how to organize a workhop with a gentler approach for future times.