IEEE UP Student Branch Christmas Dinner

Location: NA

Date: 15th December 2016

Organization: IEEE UP Student Branch

Number of participants: NA

Name of event: Jantar de Natal

On the 15th of december 2016, the NUIEEE hosted a Christmas dinner for its members, as a way to relax from all the hard work we had throughout the semester and also to strenghten relations between members. All the participants enjoyed the dinner, but the real surprise of the night was the unexpected arrival of the Student Branch Counsellor, Rosaldo Rosetti, who sat beside us and told us about his experiences as a IEEE member and as a professor. On a normal reunion, after the event, the topics brought about by the Cousellor on that night were discussed and how it was amazing to hear him out, and that made us think of ways to repeat the experience, even with other willing professors, again on a more informal environment.