IEEE UC Student Branch LaTeX Workshop


Location: University of Coimbra – Electrical and Computer Engineering

Date: 2nd March 2017

Organization: IEEE UC Student Branch

Number of participants: 20

Name of event: Workshop LaTeX

The Assistant Professor Tony Richard de Oliveira de Almeida (University of Coimbra) conducted the introductory Workshop on LaTeX. The activity started at 5 PM with a presentation on what LaTeX is and what it isn’t, advantages and disadvantages and tools to create documents, including those on the cloud.

Afterwards, the participants learned how document models, packages, paragraphs, sections and lists are used, with a “hands-on” approach.

The Coffee Break took place at 6h30 PM, followed by exercises on tables, references, equations and images.

All the participants received a certificate. The Professor answered all the questions throughout the activity and at around 8 PM the Workshop ended.