IEEE UA Student Branch Xtreme 10.0


Location: Universidade Aveiro

Date: 21/10/2016-23/10/2016

Organization: Universidade de Aveiro Student Branch

Number of participants: 6

Name of event: Xtreme 10.0

The IEEEXtreme 10.0 took place between 1:00 of October 22nd to 1:00 of October 23rd.

We provided to the participating teams a room with 1 monitor per participant, a gaming console

and playing cards for entertainment during pauses. We also provided all the meals and snacks

to the participants. Due to the low amount of participants, we couldn’t find any interested

sponsors, besides the department that offered us the space.

In the end of the event the participants, all of them with more than one participation on

the activity, were not pleased with the growing shift of the contest, from programing to more of a

mathematical competition. Also they complained that the grading of the most intuitive solution

was too far from the completely correct one, even though both solved the problem for the trivial

cases. The participants pointed that the hidden test cases always failed with timeouts, and since

they were hidden it was hard to identify the cause, and improve the solution. They let us know,

that if the test cases kept on being hidden, they would not participate again.

To conclude the participants showed gratitude to us, happy with the conditions and

working environment provided, but as described previously they were unsatisfied with the

IEEEXtreme 10.0 organising team.