IEEE Talks: IoT by IEEE UP Student Branch


Location: FEUP

Date: 7th December 2016

Organization: IEEE UP Student Branch

Number of participants: NA

Name of event: IEEE Talks: IoT

On the 7th of december of 2016, three companies, Veniam, Next Bitt and Compta, joined our IEEE Talks, moderated by our member João Cacho, to address the nex big thing: The Internet of Things. The three companies spoke about their work on the field of IoT: Veniam is delivering the Internet of Moving Things, expanding wireless coverage in specific cities; Next Bitt is always searching for the best and most reliable tech solution; Compta helps other companies improving their performance.

Then, some informal chat between the companies representatives and our moderator brought about some interesting discussions such as IoT security and what is being made to improve it as a defence against hackers, possible ways for IoT to evolve and what has potential to boom in a IoT world;

In the end, the participants of the talks liked the topics discussed and even had time to chat with the representatives, in order to learn how they could contribute to the Internet of Things.