IEEE-IST and IEEE UP Borrow a workshop: The LaTeX Project




Location: Instituto Superior Técnico – Campus Alameda

Date: March 17th, 2017

Organization: IEEE-IST EMBS Student Chapter and IEEE UP Student Branch (with the cooperation of NEBM- Biomedical Engineering Students Group)

Number of participants: 25

Name of event: The LaTeX Project – Applications to Technical and Scientific Writing (Borrow a Workshop initiative)

This workshop was held in the ambit of the Borrow a Workshop initiative. The two speakers, Miguel Ramalho and André Cipriano, were from IEEE Porto, and they gave an introduction to LaTex – a document preparation system designed to allow the users to worry as little as possible about the design and as much as possible about the content, making it ideal for technical and scientific papers’ writing. This tool is also very powerful where indexation and bibliographies are concerned, however this will not be the main focus as the expected attendees will have had little to no contact with the system.

On a first moment there was a theoretical approach to the subject and its main features, followed by a larger moment of implementation and experiences based on the topics discussed. The workshop lasted for about two and a half hours, and there were 25 participants (we couldn’t have the more than 50 registered students, as a larger group would decrease de workshop’s overall quality). The feedback received was extremely positive, as the students felt that the workshop was a bit long, but very useful and well organized.